MassB.A.S.S. Nation Friday Classic Team Trail

Lake St Pond, Acushnet June 21, 2019


 winners money 137

I have owned a bassboat since 1982. I have never fished in Florida or Texas and I know they have big bass down there, but with the exception of fishing in Mexico, I have never been on water in my bassboat that had the quality of bass as there is in Lake Street Pond. Yes, there are ponds that have big bass in New England, but when a six boat tournament can produce three bags over 15 pounds and there be three fish over 5 pounds, with one being over 6 and many fish in the 3 pound class – AND the weather was absolutely the worse – this pond is the best I have ever seen to have a tournament on. If there was no front and the sun was out………. I’m going there to fun fish on Sunday. I’ll let you know how I did.

We all have our own strategy when preparing for a tournament. There are not a lot of tournaments won today without the winner having a “kicker.” This year it has been very evident. My strategy has always been to go after a kicker the first thing in the morning, because big fish are usually caught “low light.” I had never been on Lake St Pond, but with the rain and a major front going through I decided on top water. It didn’t work. In fact, in this weed infested pond top water seemed the way to go throughout the day, but with the exception of one final cast,  my partner, Eli Delaney, and I never got a sniff with various topwater. That said, the matted grass did produce with frogs. (Eli and I didn’t catch anything throwing them, but witnessed catches.)

 Eli and I won the tournament with 16.22 pounds, but if it were not for a 6.49 kicker we would have lost to Josh Cotier and Chip Servant who weighed in 15.52 pounds with a 4.46 kicker. Randy Phillips and Wayne Marquis 3rd and just .08 out of the money with 15.44 lbs and a 5.53 kicker. 4th: Chaulk and Klinker: 8.18 lbs, but with a 5.15 kicker. 5th Moorey and Moorey with 5.85 lbs and 6th Hegyi and Letendre with 3.10 lbs.

 It was the first time for all of us and the difference for Eli and I was a weighted swimbait hook and a 6” Senko. The weight brought the Senko down in and through the coontail. The 5” Senko caught smaller fish, but when we changed to the bulkier 6” it caught the bigger bass.

The miserable weather kept some people away, but the next Friday tournament is on Wickaboag in West Brookfield. Let me know if you plan on fishing it.

Comment: It was said on Facebook that I chose Lake Street Pond because I knew I could win there. That is the most absurd lie.  If it were not for a poor ramp system we would have gone to Neponset Res. The first time I wet a line on Lake St Pond was this past Friday. It was chosen because of the late date and  I had to find a pond where I didn’t need a State Written approval. But, SC, you were somewhat right. I did feel as though I could win there. That said, I feel as though I can win every tournament and I wouldn’t want to fish against anyone that didn’t feel the exact same way.

Ray Lentine

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Team # Fish Weight Points
Lentine/Delaney       5 16.22 200
Servant/Cotier 5 15.52 199
Phillips/Marquis 5 15.44 198
Chaulk/Klinker 4 8.18 197
Moorey/Moorey 3 5.85 196
Hegyi/Letendre 2 3.1 195


Year Standings

Team Santuit Webster Lake St Wickaboag Buffumville Total
Phillips/Marquis 200 200 198     598
Servant/Cotier 197 199 199     595
Lentine/Delaney       199 194 200     593
Hegyi/Letendre 198 196 195     589
Chaulk/Klinker 195 193 197     585
Moorey/Moorey X 198 196     394
Howard/Swimm 194 192 X     386
Gagliarducci/Ruff      X 197 X     197
Haseotes/Kleekamp 196 X X     196
Puishys/Mello X 195 X     195


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