2019 TOC Results

The MBN Classic Team Trails combined T.O.C  (Friday and Sunday trails) was held this past Sunday on Charles River in Waltham. The event had 7 teams completing for the 2 slots to go to Lake Hartwell S.C. in December of this year. Sadly we had a text book cold front move in prior to Sunday keeping the bite slow all day. Many of us went to work picking everything apart trying to get our five and hoping for a couple of kickers. There was only two teams that got a couple of good fish on a tough day that got them the ticket to Harwell. 

Ray Lentine and Eli Delaney who are in the  MassMasters club found some kickers and the lunker just under 4 pounds she weighed 3.94 lbs and a total weight of 13.05lbs. Thats the first team who made it to Hartwell. Randy Phillips and Wayne Marquis who are in mass at large club is the second Team who made it with bag of largemouth weighing 10.25lbs.Those are the two teams representing Mass B.A.S.S. Nation  down in Lake Hartwell S.C. in December. Congrats guys you put in great work today. I know your clubs are proud and the Mass B.A.S.S. Nation is honored to send you to Lake Hartwell S.C..

Thanks for a Great Season as my first year running the trail I couldn’t have ask for a better group of guys. Hope to see you all next year and keep an eye out in December to see how our teams do, someone could make to the Bassmaster classic from Massachusetts!!!!!

Thank you 

Ben Hale

Place Team Weight
1 Ray/Eli 13.05
2 Randy/Wayne 10.25
3 Chip/Josh 8.87
4 Woody/Chris 8.26
5 John/Dan 7.18
6 Ben/Mike 7.09
7 Guiseppe/Brandon n/a


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