Kicking off the Sunday team trail a late start to the year.

First I want to thank everyone for coming to the tournament in these unprecedented times, and following the guidelines we had. The weather was good but was post frontal conditions. Major thunderstorms ran throughout mass almost all week. Even given the post frontal conditions the Orsi’s Father and son came out with the win 17.72 congrats guys. They definitely put there work in leaving the rest of us behind. Jake Santos  and Ben Hale Had the lunker 6.40lbs great fish but they needed a couple more like that to even the odds to come close to the Orsi’s. Unfortunately they had to settle for second. Most teams caught there limits and grinded it out till the end. Our next Sunday team trail open tournament is on S. Wuttupa 8\2 see you there.

Contestant Weight Points
Mark/Aaron Orsi 17.72 200
Jake Santos/Ben Hale 14.46 199
Josh Cotier/ Chip Servant 13.38 198
Woody McKechnie/ Mike Mello 10.27 197
Moorey/Moorey 9.53 196
Guiseppe Andreoli / Chris Heltemes 8.97 195
Brandon Regnault / Rj Ricc 8.00 194
Matt Klinker / Duty Chaulk 7.35 193
Ray Lentine / Bob Puishys 7.35 192
John/ Dan Hodgles 6.94 191

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