HI All,
The Friday Team Trail IS NOT going to New Hampshire for the final two tournaments. For various reasons it has been decided to keep these tournaments local.
AUG 7th Miscupic Lake in Tyngsboro
Sept 11 Webster Lake (state ramp)

Josh has bowed out of running the trail, so Jim Moorey, MAtty Klinker, Dusty Chaulk and I will run these two tournaments. There has never been a MBN tournament on Miscupic and it ts a great big bass lake. We all know the potential of Webster Lake, so the last two tournaments should be a blast.

Please text me if you plan on fishing one or both. 508-826-7471. There is a 10 boat limit and we already have several from the Congamond tournament that has said they will be a both. First to contact me - first to fish, so don't be #11 :)

Don't forget that you need to prepay: $220 includes $20 lunker. Instruction on how are on facebook post and the website.

100% Payback! See you in a few days.

Ray Lentine

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