I have always defined a sport as an event where they keep score, but where luck has almost no bearing on winning.

Bass fishing is such a sport. On Friday May 18th at Great Herring Pond in Plymouth, “Cream rose to the top.” Jim Gildea and his partner Warren Burrell won catching post spawn largemouth. ($1000) The Wequaket winners, Josh Cotier and Chip Servant, could also make a topping for strawberry shortcake the way they fished at this second event – again catching LM and Lunker: 6:58 lbs. and coming in second. ($540)

The wind howled all day. White caps were the norm. Water temp: 61 degrees. The mistake most of us made was looking for spawning bass. There were a few on beds, but most were small and most were male SM. The weighin showed the mistakes of the many who weighed in 5 fish for 7 pounds (+/-) : skinny small bass. I was told by friends that I should concentrate on largemouth and that smallies usually don’t win here. My partner, Eli Delaney and I, both bull heads, caught plenty of fish under 2 pounds. Why is it that when something isn’t working – we still keep on doing it? (Weights/standings below)

Next Classic Team event is Friday June 8th on the Concord River. 15 boat max. YOU MUST contact me if you plan on fishing it. If any of the teams that fished Great Herring are NOT going to fish the Concord River, please let me know. Otherwise, I will Ass U Me that you are fishing it. This will leave four openings at first to notify me – first to fish. raylentine@charter.net 

TEAM # /Wgt Place Points Wequaket Ttl Points Standings

Gildea/Burrell 5/14.20 1st 200 198 398 2nd

Servant/Cotier 5/13.80 2nd 199 200 399 1st

Donovan/St Louis 5/12.48 3rd 198 199 397 3rd

Szczoczarz/Wunschel 5/11.05 4th 197 197 394 4th

Barnes/McGee 5/8.12 5th 196 193 389 6th

Moorey/Moorey 5/7.99 6th 195 196 391 5th

Delaney/Lentine* 5/7.36 7th 194 192 386 8th

Nealley/Woodward 5/7.35 8th 193 195 388 7th

Seally/Fortin 5/6.98 9th 192 -- 192 11th

Klinker/Chaulk 3/4.14 10th 191 194 385 9th

Roback/Taverelli 3/3.84 11th 190 100 290 10th

* Eli caught all the keepers

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