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Friday Classic Team Trail Webster Lake 5/17/19

Back to Back

            This has been far from a normal spring. More than a month ago the water temperature in most of the lakes in Massachusetts were in the mid-50s. On May 17th Webster Lake never went above 57. On a lake that is probably the most famous spawn lake in Mass, both the LM and SM were either off beds, still hadn’t “come up” or were totally confused as to what to do. That said, one team figured it out again and put together back to back wins on this trail that leads to The Classic Championship on Lake Hartwell.

            On the first Friday Classic Team Trail on Santuit, where most caught a limit, Randy Phillips and Wayne Marquis caught just enough to win. On Webster Lake this past Friday Randy and Wayne weighed in 12.76 pounds, throwing jerk and chatter baits. Josh Cotier and Chip Servant took second with 10.06. Wayne and Randy had lunker: 3.83 lbs.

            This isn’t normal for Webster Lake. I have seen over the years bags that averaged 4 pounds per. It was off and on rain all day and there was never a peak at the sun. Would it have been different if the sun was out all day? “It Is What It Is.”

Ray Lentine


Wesbter Results 

Team # Fish Weight Place
Phillips/Marquis 5 12.75 1st
Servant/Cotier 5 10.02 2nd
Moorey/Moorey 5 9.75 3rd
Gagliarducci/Ruff     5 8.67 4th
Letendre/Hegyi           4 8.20 5th
Puishys/Mello 5 7.69 6th
Lentine/Delaney        5 7.35 7th
Chaulk/Klinker 5 6.66 8th
Howard/Swimm 2 2.64 9th

Year Standings

Place Team Santuit Webster Total
1st Phillips/Marquis 200 200 400
2nd Servant/Cotier 197 199 396
3rd Letendre/Hegyi 198 196 394
4th Lentine/Delaney        199 194 393
5th Chaulk/Klinker 195 193 388
7th Howard/Swimm          194 192 386
8th Moorey/Moorey          DNF 198 198
9th Gagliarducci/Ruff     DNF 197 197
10th Haseotes/Kleekamp       196 DNF 196
11th Puishys/Mello DNF 195 195



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