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Friday Classic Team Trail

Results: Buffumville – August 16, 2019

When The Going Gets Tough – The Tough .…….”

Buffumville Reservoir is known for two things: Big Bass and Frustration. This was the case at the last Friday team event. This tournament was very important because it would determine who would be going to the TOC Sunday August 25th on the Waltham section of the Charles River and the winner there going on to Lake Hartwell for the B.A.S.S. Classic Team Championship and from there to The BassMasters Classic.

Buffumville Important?? You better believe it.

There were three teams still in the running for the final spot at the TOC. Randy Phillips and Wayne Marquis had already sewn up spot #1 with 798 points and was using Buffumville as their “drop.” This left Ray Lentine/Eli Delaney with drop (wd) at 792, Chip Servant/Josh Cotier with 791 (wd) and Jim & Jack Moorey at 593 without a drop. There were two scenarios: If Eli and I beat Josh and Chip we would be going to the fishoffs. BUT if Josh and Chip and Eli and I didn’t catch any fish, we would both use Buffumville as the drop – leaving Eli/Ray with 792 and Josh/Chip with 791. IF Jim and Jack won Buffumville then they would have 793 points and they would be going to the TOC.

Two of the three parts fell into place for Jim/Jack. They won the tournament for 200 points giving them 793 points and Josh/Chip didn’t weigh in fish using this as their drop giving them 791 points. This left just one more piece of the puzzle for Jim/Jack – Eli and I had to get skunked on this water that produces skunks at every tournament held there. As luck would have it for Eli and me, we came in 2nd and wound up with 795 points.

Only two teams weighed in fish:

  1. Moorey/Moorey: 9.79 pounds                                                                                                    
  2. Lentine/Delaney: 6.97 with lunker of 4.36

Ray Lentine


Final Standings: After Drop

  1. Phillips/Marquis           798 Points
  2. Lentine/Delaney          795 Points   
  3. Moorey/Moorey           793 Points
  4. Servant/Cotier             791 Points
  5. Hegyi/Letendre            787 Points
  6. Chaulk/Klinker             780 Points
  7. Howard/Swimm           386 Points
  8. Gagliarducci/Ruff         197 Points
  9. Haseeotes/Kleekamp  196 Points
  10. Puishys/Mello              195 Points

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