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Quaboag Lake 6/1 

The Sunday team trail had its second tournament at Quaboag. We were lucky enough to have the gate open to south pond. Which gave the teams plenty of options. The fish were in a post spawn pattern making the bite slow. The teams put in a long day trying to get limits. Luckly the rain held off we had light winds as storm moved in. This helped with the bite towards end off the day.

The winning team a pair of MassMasters Mike Mello and myself had a decent bag 15.31lbs. We also were lucky enough to get lunker a 4.92 largemouth. I want to thank everyone for coming. Our next event is on the Merrimack river in Methuen I hope to see everyone there. 


Ben Hale


Team Weight Points
Ben Hale/Mike Mello                                  15.31     200
Mark Orsi / Aaron Orsi 13.55 199
Guiseppe Andreoli/Brandon Regnaul     12.47 198
Woody Mckechnie/ Chris 11.47 197
John Hogle/ Dan Hogle                          11.14 196
Randy Phillips/ Trevor Phillips                11.08 195
Josh Cotier/ Jamie Samatis                   9.95 194
Joe Burchill/ Jack Stone                        9.72 193
Dusty Chaulk/ Matt Klinker                    8.58 192
Collin Walker/ Roger Winn                   8.01 191
Nick Dill/ Sam DeJong 7.24 190
Jim Moorey/ Tyler Moorey 6.44 189
Ray Lentine/ Moniha Geller 5.45 188
Matt McConell/ Steve Carden             2.94 187



  1. John Hogle/ Dan Hogle                            396 
  2. Woody Mckechnie/ Chris Heltemes         395 
  3. Ben Hale/ Mike Mello                               394
  4. Josh Cotier/ Chip Servant                        393
  5. Guiseppe Andreoli/ Brandon Regnaul     393 
  6. Dusty Chaulk/ Matt Klinker                      389 
  7. Matt McConell/ Steve Carden                 383 
  8. Ray Lentine/ Moniha Geller                     381 
  9. Mark Orsi/ Aaron Orsi                             199 
  10. Randy Phillips/ Trevor Phillips                195 
  11. Joe Burchill/ Jack Stone                         193
  12. Earl Howard/ Andrew Eaton                   192
  13. Collin Walker/ Roger Winn                     191
  14. Jim Moorey/ Tyler Moorey                      189
  15. Nick Dill/ Sam DeJong                            190


winners 130

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