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The Concord River is stained and lined with milfoil. You could not fish all of the laydowns if you gave yourself a week. Overhanging live trees gather all of the spring debris and they demand “punching” with 50 lb braid. Add to this formula the water moving at 6 mph and is home to trophy Northern Pike, you know that everyone is using braid – or at least 20 lb copolymer. Several weeks ago I said to my partner, Eli Delaney, that these light line guys will not stand a chance in this ‘power fishing” mecca……… I am getting tired of being wrong. 

This river, that connects with the Sudbury and Assabet Rivers, is the largest fishery in Massachusetts and the fishing is absolutely topnotch. From Billerica to Framingham, there isn’t a bad spot on it. Once again Jim Gildea and his partner Warren Burrell, throwing line that should be outlawed, won again. Throwing 5 lb test line they brought 14.7 pounds to the scale and put $650 in their pockets. In second place, winning $330, probably also throwing line that should be used for catching trout, was the team of Chip Servant and Josh Cotier.

Going into the final tournament before the TOC on the Agawam River is Lake Lashaway on July 20th. The teams of Gildea/Burrell and Servant/Cotier are tied at 598 points each. It is still a tight race for places 3rdthrough 5th. (Top 5 go to the TOC. (TOC Champs go to Harris Chain of Lakes in Florida for the Classic Team Championship.) Szczoczarz/Wunschel 590 points, Moorey/Moorey 588 and Lentine/Delaney 584.

If you want to fish this fine underfished Lake Lashaway, just e-mail me:


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