2020 Tournament Rules - Downloadable PDF                                    2020 Classic Team Trail Entry Form - Downloadable PDF

Prolog: These tournament rules are subject to change. The following rules are a general set of rules that all participants will be held accountable – no matter which trail a person is competing in. Infringement of any of the MBN Tournament Rules will be reason for disqualification. MBN reserves the right to refuse entry of any contestant. .

Each Trail and each event has their own set of rules that will be IN ADDITION TO the following:

1. ALL State, Local and Federal rules apply.
2. Drugs, including marijuana, and/or alcohol are not allowed to be consumed by a competitor within 6
hours of a competition’s start time or allowed on/in a competitor’s boat.
3. All boats in a MBN tournament: a. Must be equipped with all required Coast Guard safety equipment.
b. Must have a working kill switch. c. Must have separated aerated livewells with the capacity to hold 5
average size bass.
4. All people in the boat must wear a life vest when the gas engine is running.
5. A minimum of $300,000 liability insurance is required. Proof must be submitted with the application.
6. All Contestants must have a valid fishing license for the state or states that the tournament is being
7. If competing in New Hampshire waters, the boater must have a “Safe Boaters Certificate” in the boat.
8. Protests must be brought in writing to the Tournament Director (TD) before weigh-in. The TD’s
decision is final.
9. Only artificial lures may be used. No live or prepared baits allowed. Pork rind is the only exception.
10. Only one fishing rod per angler is allowed to be used at one time. No trolling.
11. Fishing is allowed anywhere on the tournament waters unless the TD specifies an area as “off
12. Culling of fish must be done immediately(5 fish Limit). There will be NO CULLING AT THE RAMP.
13. More than allowed limit brought to the scale: Angler picks live fish to release and 2-lb is deducted
from total weight.
14. Dead fish cannot be culled and a .25 penalty (1/4 pound) will be assessed for each dead fish.
15. A 1 pound penalty per minute a contestant is late to the weigh-in site. More than 15 minutes late =
16. A tie for 1 st place will be broken by first: # of live fish; second: total fish, third biggest fish. If still tied,
the first and second place
monies will be combined and divided equally between the two contestants. Same process for any other
17. Launch take –off positions will be determined by a blind draw of numbers.
18. 1 st Place will receive 200 points. 2 nd 199 points and 3 rd 198, etc. If a contestant(s) enters and fishes in a
tournament but catches no fish, they will be recieve 25 less points than the lowest weighing team
19. Only largemouth and smallmouth bass will be allowed to be brought to the scales.
20. Nets are allowed.
21. Tournament hours are from 7 A.M. to 3 P.M. unless otherwise decided by the Tournament Director.
22. Everyone must be at the ramp and monies paid by 6:20 A.M. There will be a tournament briefing at the
ramp or on the water before takeoff.
23. If there is a “check-in boat” all participants, at the end of the tournament, must check in with this boat
before 3 P.M.
24. If there is an out-of-the-water weigh-in, then the Tournament Committee will pull their boats first. No
other boats will be allowed to pull unless otherwise authorized at the pretournament briefing.
25. All Contestants are expected to follow high standards of sportsmanship, courtesy, safety and
consideration. Violation of this rule shall be reason for disqualification.
26. ONLY non-penetrating culling clips are allowed for use. Any clip that penetrates the skin or mouth of a
bass is not allowed.

Winning Teams
Both trails will qualify teams for a combined TOC. Which will be the top 25%(1 for every 4) from each trail.

  1. This TOC will count for points for all teams.
  2. Following the TOC. The points Leader from the Sunday Trail and Friday Trail will both qualify for nationals.
  3. In the event one team declines the invite. The spot will be given to the TOC Winner or highest remaining TOC finisher unqualified.
  4. We will follow this same procedure if the state is able to send more than 2 teams
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