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2019 MASS B.A.S.S Nation Pro-Am Trail Schedule

April 13 - Mashpee / Wakeby (Mashpee) 

May 11 - Quinsigimond (Worcester Rt 20 Flint Pond Ramp) 

June 8 - South Watuppa (Fall River) 

July 13 - Buffumville Res (Oxford) 

August 10 - (TOC)
Long Pond Lakeville


  • There will be 4 tournaments with one drop.
  • The TOC will count towards the angler of the year points.
  • We will take the top 50%of the field to a no entry TOC.
  • The entry fees for this year are PRO=$125 AM=$60
  • Opt. Lunker PRO=$10 AM=$10
  • PRO money gets paid out $20 towards TOC per entry $5 to State Remainder Paid at each event.
  • AM money gets paid out $10 towards TOC per entry
  • Remainder paid at each event.

Payout Structure of Pro am and fish off money to anglers.

Full field of boats Pro/Am 24 boats

Pro Money $125 Entry $5 to State $40 to Team Members from trail

  • $960 Per Event
  • 5 Event Total =$4800

Am Money $60 Entry $20 Towards Team Members

  • $480 Per Event
  • 5 Event Total=$2400

Trail Payout Full Field

  • 1st=$825
  • 2nd=$400
  • 3rd=$300
  • 4th=$200
  • 5th=$125

State Qualifier 24 Boats

  • $175 Entry
  • $8400 Total
  • Combined Money $15,600
  • Shared If all Members fished and qualified through both
  • $780 Each

Tournament Entry

  • Pro=
  • Am=

Anglers Fishing Both The trail and the Fish Offs would be eligible for both monies

Anglers Fishing only the Fish Offs would only receive money raised at that event

So an angler fishing the tail who finishes 2 and fishes the fish off and finishes 13 would still split the money from Fish Offs.

A angler finishing 8 in the trail but makes the team through the Fish Offs and fished 4 trail events would be eligible for the trail monies also.


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