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Attention High School Anglers & boat Captains. 3/25/20

Following the guidance of B.A.S.S. the Mass Bass Nation High School tournaments are Postponed at this time until after the COVID-19 situation passes. We hope everyone is taking Social distancing seriously and be safe. More information will be posted as we progress through these times.

Jerry Ramasci - Youth Director Mass B.A.S.S. Nation


Downloadable Application PDF

Mass Bass Nation would like to award two $250 Scholarships to eligible graduating high school seniors.                     

Eligibility: You must meet the following Criteria:                 Submitted and postmarked by  April 6, 2020

1-A graduating High School Senior

2-Attending a full time college or Accredited Institution

3-Financial Need

4-Completion of Application

5-Brief Essay explaining how your education will help conserve the fisheries / Environment




High School:

College Attending:

Major area of study:

High School GPA:

Please list school activities:

Work Experience:


Affiliation with Mass Nation:

Mass Nation directors at the April meeting will vote on the applications.

Dispersal of Scholarship -Upon completion of the first semester of college, the winners will be required to submit a copy of their first semester transcripts. Mass Nation will then administer the scholarship.

Return to:

Jerry Ramasci.      Or email as an attachment to:

30 Andrews Rd

Wakefield Ma 01880

Please mark the envelope –scholarship application.

2019 Mass B.A.S.S. Nation Youth / High School Summary 

Apologies on these getting out so late , as I have mentioned in the past its a challenge to keep this program moving and finding the time needed to run it.    There will be a second email after this one going over the 2020  dates and changes on  how the program will be run any questions let me know. 

2019   1st event  Webster lake   4/28 ( I was not at this event - hip surgery) Ray and George both helped run this event this was all teams fishing the complete 22 teams.

1- jake and romano  100            

2-nate and brody         99

3- nick and Andrew      98

4-logan and tucker       97

5-justin and mikey        96    

2019  2nd event   split field half the teams  ashumet lake  5/19 11 teams (mass nation high school ) 

1- ryan welch  - cambell ingersol - no show    ( webster  50 )      100   total  150

2- trevor  and  Caiden    webster 92                                              99     total  191

3-zane  and will   webster 95                                                         98    total  193

4-jake  and romano    webster  100                                               97    total  197    went to this 2019 year finals 

5-nick and Andrew      webster  98                                                96    total  194

2019  3rd event  split field  half the teams  quinsig  6/23  11 teams  ( Blackstone Valley high school )

1- Justin and mikey  webster 96                                                    100  total 196

2- woody  and zachry  webster  50                                                   99 total  149

3- jake and mason   webster  88                                                       98 total 186

4- evan and mike      webster  94                                                      97 total  191

5-justin and jeremy    webster  50                                                     96 total 146

final 2019 standings 

first - Jake and Romano  197  went to 2019 finals

second - Justin and Mikey  196  first place  team for the  2020 finals

third- Nick and Andrew  194  first alternate for the 2020 finals

fourth- Zane and Will      193  second alternate for the 2020 finals  

please  mistakes can happen  please let me know if there is a error,  pictures of the weigh in boards were used to calculate the standings.

First 2019 MassB.A.S.S. Nation High School Tournament 

Webster Lake: April 28th


Jerry Ramasci has been the rock behind the High School tournaments for many years. A few years ago he had one hip replaced, but last week he had the other. (Good thing he only has two.) Obviously, a few days after major surgery, Jerry was not up to running the first high school tournament of 2019. No harm done, MassBASS Nation members came  out of the woodwork to help run the tournament.

            The weather forecast was not favorable with rain expected by midday. We made the decision to have the tournament end an hour early and the weigh-in started at 2 P.M. Webster Lake is famous for its big bags in the spring, but the off and on cold weather and rain for the two weeks prior kept most of the fish’s mouths closed. To make matters worse the rain was early and it came with a biting wind. The water temp never went beyond 56/57.

            As always there were people that caught fish. Not many – 8 teams were skunked and 3 teams caught one fish. Very tough, but three teams came in with a 5-fish limit. The team of Romano Duncan and Jake Heath won with a limit and 9.76 pounds. Close behind was Nate Smith and Brody Trask with 5-fish weighing 9.18. Nick Frumkin and Andrew Lang had 8.15 pounds. 17 ounces separated 1st from 3rd.

            MBN wants to thank all of the 23 boaters that gave up their Sunday for these school kids. They are the future of this sport and it is very important that we show we care about them and their desire to be great in this sport.

Ray Lentine (Sorry if I mis-spelled any name.)


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